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You've probably heard of a watershed—an entire area that feeds a larger body of water, from snowmelt and raindrops flowing downhill to the creeks that flow to the sea. A foodshed is the same idea—all of the interconnected ways that come together to bring what's grown on a farm to your kitchen.

At Harvest Santa Barbara, we participate in and believe in the integrity of our Central Coast foodshed. By buying from local farmers, we support our neighbors and provide them with a stable income source and the satisfaction of having the community enjoy what they grow.


The Garden of..... , Los Olivos, CA

Shu & Debby Takikawa

Walking up to the market table for The Garden Of... is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. One look at the crisp, overflowing heads of lettuce, thick and intensely green bunches of kale, and bright the carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower - it's clear that farmers Shu and Debby Takikawa take pride in their vegetable bounty. Read more


Ebby's Organics, in Goleta's Winchester Canyon, has been growing organic produce for more than 30 years. Farmer Mike Iniguez and his family have Swiss chard, kale, and a rare variety of white kale for winter's soups and salads; come summer, their heirloom tomatoes are a colorful, delicious part of afternoon picnics and outdoor dinner parties. The farm, named after Iniguez's daughter, is a favorite of farmers' market customers, who clamor for sugar snap peas and black cherry tomatoes.

José Alcantar Garcia grew up using horses and cows to work the land in Guanajuato, Mexico, and first got the chance to use farm machinery when he started at Tutti Frutti Farms. Now he leases his own 14 acres in Carpinteria, where he rotates crops to allow the soil to rest and releases ladybugs each spring to take care of pests. Jose and his family work closely with local schools so that Santa Barbara's kids reap the benefits of his beautiful tomatoes, carrots, lettuces and more.

Hilltop and Canyon Farms is a certified organic farm nestled nestled between the Carpinteria foothills and the ocean, growing avocados, lemons, field flowers, heirloom beans and a few choice vegetables. Farmer Robert Abbott and his wife, Tessa van der Werff, pick some of their divine avocados from thriving 80-year-old trees planted by Robert's grandfathers. With one farm on a hilltop, another in the canyon, they've got a range of growing conditions that keeps avocados in season almost year-round.

Earthtrine Farm is one of the most diverse organic farms where Harvest Santa Barbara sources its local produce. Robert Dautch (also known as B.D.) specializes in herbs, both common and rare, salad greens, and assorted European and Asian specialty vegetables. A longtime resident of the South Coast, B.D. began farming in Isla Vista in the early 1970s, gained experience throughout the state, and now farms on his 13-acre farm located in Ojai, with 5 additional acres in Carpinteria. Growing over 100 different crops throughout the year, Earthtrine boosts a rich diversity of produce offerings that highlights some of the best produce that this area has to offer.

Frecker Farms Located on 15 certified organic acres in the Carpinteria Valley, Alex Frecker is committed to being a steward of his land by maintaining rich soil structure and a diversity of crops. Alex is one of the youngest farmers that we buy from- we proudly support our next generation of organic growers. He maintains an onsite compost program and and uses beneficial insects to mitigate pests. He is well known for his sweet organic strawberries and tomatoes and also has lettuces, melons, winter squash and herbs.

Fair Hills Farms is owned and operated by David and Nancy Rydell and is located in the beautiful Estrella River Basin in Paso Robles. This area is unique for hot sunny days and cool nights – optimal for growing apples, stone fruits, and grapes. First begun in 1992, the farm is 50 acres total – 35 acres in over 19 varieties of apples, and 15 acres in various summer stone fruits such as nectarines, peaches, cherries, apricots, and plums. The Rydells have been growing organically since 1998 and were certified organic in 2002. Due to the high costs of organic certification, the Rydells recently voluntarily chose to end their official certification, though they continue to follow strict organic guidelines to ensure the freshest, best-tasting fruit possible for their customers.

Goleta Farming utilizing years of experience and modern techniques, Goleta Farming grows a selection of certified organic berries year round. The rich top soil of the Goleta Valley produces premium fruit.

Tutti Frutti Farms Started in 1988 by Chris Cadwell, Tutti Frutti Farms grows an assortment of vegetables, with a focus on heirloom tomatoes on several hundred acres. Considered to be one of the pioneers of popularizing the heirloom tomato throughout the 90s, Tutti Frutti continues to grow delicious tomatoes on Santa Rosa Road in Lompoc, and on several other locations throughout the Santa Ynez Valley.

Galpin Family Farms Farming 40 acres of sustainably managed land near Dinuba, Anthony Galpin grows a full array of nectarines and peaches, as well as Navel and mandarin oranges. Recently separating his business from his Father in law’s Regier Farms, Anthony’s fruit has been a staple at South Coast farmers market for over a decade. Picked ripe and placed directly into padded flats rather than into field bins, Galpin Farms is able to produce the finest and most flavorful stone fruit around - truly a premium product.

Rancho Santa Cecilia has been producing unique tropical fruit and citrus at the Marquez family’s Carpinteria Valley farm for more than 15 years. Best known for their juicy tangerines, satsumas, and clementines – Rancho Santa Cecilia also boasts more exotic offerings such as strawberry and pineapple guavas, fuyu persimmons, and cherimoyas. Thanks to the unique microclimate in the Carpinteria Valley, the Marquez family is able to experiment with various tropical fruits, which Harvest Santa Barbara is excited to share with our customers.

Ellwood Canyon Farms' Jack Motter and Jeff Kramer are lifelong friends and fourth-generation farmers who grew up together in the Imperial Valley. Now farming fifteen acres in Goleta, they keep their land's river bottom loam healthy for years to come through practices like cover-cropping, applying compost, and crop-rotation—and the result is delicious, certified organic produce from potatoes to strawberries.

The Garden of..... thrives under the care of Shu and Debby Takikawa, who skillfully tends over 60 certified organic acres in the Santa Ynez Valley. Shu, known for both his greens-growing magic and for taking young farmers under his wing, has spent decades finding the perfect lettuces for his land. He also grows incredible corn and sweet potatoes, along with ….. (The dots are a sign of Shu's twinkly humor—along with his hope that his customers find exactly what they're looking for on his farm.)

Friends Ranches has been producing world-class citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years. Famous for their deliciously sweet and juicy Pixie Tangerines, they are also known for their blood oranges, grapefruit, Meyer lemons, and avocados. Five generations of the Friends family maintain the thousands of citrus trees on the Friends Ranch properties, where the trees range anywhere from 1 to 99 years old. Tree-ripened fruit is picked daily, and none are treated with preservatives or wax, which ensures that we can bring you the freshest, best tasting fruit possible.

Creekside Apple Ranch also known as the Solvang Pie Company, has been a family affair since 1986. Owner Tracie Derwin grew up working on the family ranch, and since taking over the business she has continued her family’s commitment to sustainability and quality produce. Come apple season, Creekside boasts a number of delicious apple varieties – such as Fuji, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith. Creekside is also known for their seasonal pies and fresh baked bread – and rightly so, seeing as the Ranch grows and processes its own wheat for their baked goods!

Lane Farms is a Santa Barbara tradition. The Lane family has been farming locally since 1868; they put in a produce stand in 1939 on South Walnut Lane that's still a treasure of tasty strawberries, sweet corn, lettuces, and more. John and Ruth Lane and their crew use sustainable and organic methods, including applying compost from leftover crops and releasing ladybugs, to help the 30-plus crops in their two Santa Barbara fields. And kids love Lane Farms' October pumpkin patch, where they can take hay rides, wander through a corn maze, and pick out a few of the farms' gorgeous pumpkins.

Finley Farms Owned and operated by Chris and Johanna Finley, these young, first generation organic farmers farm about 40 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley. Split between the beautiful Gainey Ranch and their home farm down the street from the Santa Ynez High School, the Finleys grow a wide variety of crops, including some of the best heirloom tomatoes and melons in the County. Both UCSB grads, the Finleys got involved in agriculture first by working for other growers at the local farmers markets, and then on their own by leasing one acre of clay soil by El Capitan State Beach to grow ingredients for their own salsa company.

Deardorff Family Farms
Based in Oxnard, Deardorff Family Farms has been providing customers with the freshest, best-tasting products available while following honest and ethical business practices, since 1937. They pay homage to their heritage by engaging in sustainable farming practices that protect the environment and yield healthier, better-tasting produce for their customers. Drawing from the experience of over four generations, cousins Tom Deardorff II and Scott Deardorff lead team of industry experts growing a variety of Certified Organic products, including celery, lettuces, kales, cabbage, cilantro, parsley, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower.

Rancho la Familia
Rancho la Familia sits on about 40 acres of sandy soils off of Telephone Road in Santa Maria. Owned and operated by Virginia and Luis Cortez, as well as their two adult children, Luis Jr. and Omar, the Cortez family focuses on growing cool weather crops year round - broccoli, cauliflower, peas, celery, cabbage, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, as well as other seasonal favorites. At the heart of their success is their work ethic, shared by the entire family. Seven days a week, Virginia and Luis can be found working in their fields, managing their crew, or selling at markets with their 30 or so employees. Virginia and Luis both immigrated from Mexico, only starting to work on farms once they arrived in the U.S. Luis Jr. also runs a custom farming business, plowing fields, making beds for planting, laying plastic mulch, and using GPS to laser level fields for large growers throughout the Santa Maria Valley. This side business has allowed Rancho la Familia to use equipment that typically would only be available to much larger farms, giving them the best ground preparation options for creating perfect fields and and excellent crops. They work closely with a pest control adviser to monitor insects and use the best organic solutions, as well as the Cooperative Extension for soil health advise.

Sweet Shade Farm
Roots Farm
Sunrise Organic Farm
Milliken Family Farms
Whitney Ranches
Vincent Farms
Life's A Choke
Cuyama Orchards
Robinsong Farms
Green Gold Farms
Goodland Organics
Kenter Canyon Farms
Mud Creek Ranch
Manzanita Manor
Rock Front Ranch
Robinsong Farm
San Marcos Farms
Tutti Frutti Farms
Kandarian Organics
Swift Subtropicals
Grower Pete's
Bella Vista Farms

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