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Our Standards

Even for people who make food their livelihood, the way produce is labeled can be confusing. By buying from the most conscientious local farmers, we take the guesswork out of the process so that you know you're getting fruits and vegetables grown by the most sustainable means available.

We support farmers using earth-friendly methods to grow produce. Many of our farmers go above and beyond the traditional label of "organic".

Our farmers are stewards of the land who use sustainable methods whenever possible, from rotating crops to boost soil health to using natural predator-prey relationships to combat pests.

That's why we've chosen the Barn Swallow to represent us. These graceful swallows return to the Central Coast each spring and eat many insects that would otherwise feast on fruits and vegetables destined for your kitchen. The barn swallow is truly a farmer's friend—just as we hope to be.

How We Choose Farms

We aim to work with farmers within our foodshed who care for soil, water, and their farms’ ecosystem. Most of the farms we work with are family businesses, just like ours. We want to help small farms reach more clients, and to introduce our clients to these unique places.

Most of the farms we work with are Certified Organic by third parties. But we also understand that for small farms, certification fees and paperwork can be a big challenge. We support these farms on their path to organic certification, while getting written claims that they do not spray pesticides. Farmers listed as Pesticide-Free use only natural means of deterring pests, from releasing beneficial insects to disrupting pest mating cycles with pheromone-confusion lures.

We love spending time on the farms we work with, and we look forward to sharing images and stories from these beautiful places.

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